’s Project Management platform has everything you need in one place to keep projects on track and make excellent service delivery easy. Like a project manager’s personal assistant, helps keep projects on track by alerting you to potential issues so you can proactively manage the scope, risks, timeline, resource needs, and financial implications of every change or project decision you make before they impact your customers and your bottom line.

Built for your company’s Project Management needs, including:

  • Comprehensive 360° View of Project Details
  • Supports a Variety of Pricing Models
  • Sophisticated Task & Milestone Management
  • Rich Project Configuration and so much more…



    360° View of All Project Details in One Place

    Project Management Features supports a variety of pricing models and service management project configurations in addition to project start & end dates, contract terms, the ability to post and manage your contracts and documents associated with a project, and more.

 ’ Resource Management features go beyond just resource assignments. It offers you the flexibility to schedule resources on a project, schedule their participation window with a start and end date, and monitor their activities on a project including seeing tickets that they submit, as well as viewing approving their timesheets and expenses.


    Monitor and manage profitability reporting down to the task level with  Sophisticated task management allows you to configure tasks to be scheduled under billable milestones, associate team members with those tasks, measure the expected duration of the task, and capture time and expense activity against the task.

    With, resource efforts (time and expenses) automatically roll into your budgeting and forecasting models so that you can incrementally adjust or update your budget and forecasts based on historical or actual time and expense recorded. Also, budgeting and forecasting are aligned with your chosen accounting periods so that you can capture a final, formal forecast associated with an accounting period for more accurate and up-to-date revenue recognition.

    Not only can you invoice customers directly from, but you can schedule automated workflows where your invoicing milestones can be scheduled in advance and you can configure which projects need project manager approval before the milestone is considered completed. Through workflow configuration, you can route the invoice through your project approver for their review, input, and approval prior to sending a final issued invoice to the client. And for those organizations that need to prove that a milestone is complete, you can record evidence and provide documentation of what was completed and when.

    Easily see who has missing timesheets across all of your projects and view pending approvals to keep your projects moving forward.

    With’s easy-to-use expense management features, you can view your pending approvals and track and control project expenses in real-time so you can quickly identify and address and potential issues before it impacts your project budget and bottom line.

    With’s Help Desk/Ticketing functionality seamlessly integrated with projects, managers have full visibility over all service requests, incidents, and problems that may impact their projects or the resources working on their projects, and can monitor and make informed project decisions based on how they progress.

    Ticketing Screen

    Changes over the course of projects are inevitable, but with’s seamlessly integrated Change Management features, project managers can pivot with ease and the efforts to manage the people side of change can identify and mitigate risks in a more proactive manner, address anticipated obstacles and resistance, and build commitment and buy-in for the change before it impacts the bottom line.


    Project Management Built to Provide Value to Everyone Throughout Your Organization


    Executives can quickly scan through data that shows how projects across the organization are tracking with always up-to-date budgets and forcasts, performing project reviews at regular intervals, removing roadblocks for the team and staying on top of milestones. 

    Account Managers

    With, account managers and customer sponsorers have all of the needed information at their fingertips to become their client’s trusted business advisors, increasing client satisfaction, retention, and customer lifetime value, while contributing to the overall goals of the company.

    Project Managers helps project managers keep all of their projects on track and on budget with automated workflows and features to proactively manage the scope, risks, timeline, resource needs, and financial implications of every change or project decision in one easy-to-use platform


    Finance benefits from’s financial controls features on projects by allowing you to define, configure, and enforce both your organization’s and your customer-level expense policies, in addition to continuous automated updating of budgets and forecasts.


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