provides a well-designed and easy-to-use mechanism for establishing the financial procedures and policies to effectively manage resources, gain operational efficiency, and issue, process and collect invoices. 

Built for your company’s Invoicing and Financial Control needs, including:

  • Financial System Integration
  • Accounting Period Management
  • Itemized Time and Expense Approval
  • Customized Approval Processes and so much more…


Invoicing Features

Support for various Pricing Models and Invoicing Terms that align with your contract language.

Ability to design and implement invoicing workflows and approvals that allow you to create, review/approve, issue, collect and reconcile invoices.

For each project, you can define the approval process for each billable milestone and establish the review and approval workflow for each invoice.

Automate the sending of invoices to your customers, send reminders, receive payments, and easily perform all reporting and reconciliation steps.

Seamless integration of invoicing transactions with popular accounting system software, like QuickBooks.

Financial Control Features

Plan and implement your accounting system financial time schedule to align all transactions with their proper accounting period.

Measure the progress of each project via a rich budgeting and forecast solution, aligned with each Accounting Period.

Define your organization’s expense items and establish policies on limits and approval requirements. Also, define and enforce customer-level expense policies.

Establish which Team Members and Projects require approval for time and expenses, prescribe approval workflows, view and manage time and expense at the project level and/or the resource level, configure invoicing milestone rules, draft invoice review and approval, and more.

Allow for line-item approval for timesheets and expenses, allowing approved transactions to be recognized and invoiced in a timely fashion.

Comply with all tax requirements by configuring your deliverables in accordance with all applicable tax authorities, including tracking resource delivery/performance locations, product/offering tax requirements, and enforcing invoice tax compliance obligations.

Measure and analyze your profitability down to the project and resource, and aggregate your P&L reporting to the Project, Customer, Business Unit, or entire organization.

Monitor the resource utilization for every team member, and forecast utilization effectiveness.


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