Asset Management Improved’s integrated asset management platform combines financial, technical, and service management functionality to support the full lifecycle of your company’s assets from procurement to retirement.

Built for your company’s Asset Management needs, including:

  • Asset Integration with Incidents and Service Requests
  • Integrated Asset Configuration/Build Process
  • Asset Audit Management & History
  • 360° Asset Lifecycle Management and more…


Seamless Integration of Assets and Service Requests

The platform seamlessly integrates your asset lifecycle management and help desk/ticketing efforts in one all-encompassing, end-to-end solution. With the full breadth of asset management functionality tied directly into your service requests and incident tickets, every member of your team has full visibility to the entire process from initial request, to asset build and kitting with embedded configuration and workflow instructions,  to asset deployment and ticket closure.


Integrated Asset Configuration/Build Process

Integrated Tracking Codes

When your asset build is complete and you’re ready to send, shipment tracking codes with UPS, FedEx, and DHS are integrated right into your service requests so you always know where your assets are and when they’ll arrive.

Embedded Asset Build Instructions

Complete the asset kitting process faster and more accurately with asset configuration instructions embedded directly within the workflow, removing the need to leave the platform, reducing possible errors and providing greater visibility to all actions taken.

Accelerated Asset Building

Asset building and configuration is fast and simple with all of the information your teams needs at their fingertips all within the application, making knowledge-sharing, build process, handoff, and delivery a breeze.

Ticket Closure Only When Full Process Complete

Every step of the process from request to delivery happens within the system so all involved team members stay in the loop with complete visibility, ensuring accuracy and only closing the ticket only when all steps are complete.

Asset Management Features

Eliminate data silos and gain complete visibility into every asset within your organization to help you make well-informed financial decisions about IT strategy and IT asset acquisitions.

Reduce downtime, increase business productivity, and resolve incidents and service requests with faster with a powerful, in-depth understanding and detailed history of every asset, all within a single system of record.

Increase organizational productivity and optimize the profit generated by your assets throughout their lifecycle by minimizing inventory costs, preventing stock issues, and providing better customer service, while improving data visibility and order accuracy.

Ensure accurate accounting and evaluation of assets, save money on taxes with proper depreciation costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and mitigate asset risk by preserving the entire history of your assets with an audit trail to more easily detect, analyze, and correct any significant errors or omissions before they affect the accuracy and profitability in financial statements.

More accurately reflect the current value of the investments your company has made in fixed assets over time.’s asset management system ensures you know which assets and licenses you have available to provision, and when new purchases might be required.

Guarantee accuracy by tracking your assets every step of the way – location, check-ins and check-outs, transfers, and disposal.


Asset Management Built to Provide Value to Everyone Throughout Your Organization

Executives’s 360° view of asset management, dashboards, and reporting capabilities foster deeper insights into your organization’s assets helping executives visualize the ROI on those assets and deliver data to other key stakeholders on how they directly benefit the company’s business goals.


Asset, Ticking, and Project Managers across the organization all benefit from’s integrated asset management capabilities with more effective deployment of hardware and software assets, increased governance, cost savings, greater productivity, and reduced downtime.

Service Desk Agents

Help Desk and Ticketing Agents are able to collaborate more effectively and provide faster, more accurate responses to incidents and service requests, improving KPIs like Average Resolution Time, First Response Time, Overall Customer Satisfaction, and User Feedback Scores, among others.

Compliance helps keep your organization in compliance with insurance, warranty,  government requirements, SLAs, and more by providing a holistic, 360° view of all assets including full asset lifecycle management, audit management and history, and comprehensive reporting features.


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